Services for non-residents in Spain



We are a consulting company specializing in various intermediation services between Spanish companies and non-residents (foreigners) citizens. Among these services are :
real estate services,
building societies help to find the specialist who can best resolve the question of the client.
tax advice
Financial services to non-residents opening accounts, mortgages, investment,
investment projects

Our projects :
• Organization of regular meetings for Russian ladies in the sorority IRADIER
Organization briefing on the theme of “Taxes that may affect non-residents with property ownership in Spain ”
– Participation in packaging materials Hispack Barcelona in cooperation with Lithuania Lietpak
• Participation in real estate BMP Barcelona Meeting Point , in collaboration with John Taylor , Barcelona
• Participation in conferences on modern Russian Spanish School World Language School in Barcelona
• Representation of Russian investors in negotiations and the acquisition of vineyards and a winery in Spain , restaurants and hotels.
• Advice to Russian businessmen Spanish civil and tax law

• Preparation of documents for Spain
• Professional Translation from English to Spanish, Russian to Spanish
• Professional Spanish Translation into Russian
( Russian translation of restaurant menus . )
• Apostille , legalization , notarization
• Opening an account at a Spanish bank
• Preparation of documents for a mortgage in Spain
• Registration of mortgages in Spain .
• Support of buying and selling real estate .
• Get Nota Simple Fact

Legal Advice on Tax
Russian projects in Spain

Natasha Pavlovskaya



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